Association Croquet Report – Sept 2019

The 2019 season went well for the Association Croquet section, with Dave Buckman leading teams to success in U league matches against Medway, Purley Bury and Caterham.  Canterbury narrowly lost to Tunbridge Wells. 

 The Club Secretary organised a successful CA handicap tournament in July, as well as a most enjoyable GC/AC friendly with Ramsgate in late August. 

There was an equally enjoyable one-ball AC mix-in with Golf Croquet colleagues at the end of July. 

Club players took part in AC tournaments at Budleigh Salterton, Hurlingham, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton, Watford, Southampton, Burton on Trent and Bristol, bringing back trophies from two of these. 

The Club also fielded players in the national Inter-Counties Championships and Treasurer’s Tankard. 

Both internal knockouts progressed well and there was quite a bit of activity on the new CCC ladder. 

The best development of the year was the emergence of some serious AC talent among new members, who with luck can be persuaded to try match play next year.

Association Croquet Report – July 2019

Association Croquet.

JL reported that the St Edmunds and Simon Langton sports fest had gone well but that other youth initiatives had struggled. He stated that he had invited Ramsgate one ballers to the event on Wednesday 31st May.

He reported a narrow loss to Tunbridge Wells in the U League.

There was ongoing difficulties for visitors in finding their way to the Club. This topic will be included in the next agenda for discussion.

Golf Croquet Report – July 2019

  1.  Golf Report.

This year has been a particularly busy one for Golf Croquet having taken part in internal and external leagues as well as SECF tournaments. The decision to make the internal leagues one day events proved to be a success with more members taking part  much preferring a full days knockout play, as well as having time to talk to other players over a picnic lunch.

We started the season off with a handicap knockout competition on 7th June and an exciting final between Debbie and Jeremy, narrowly won by Debbie.  This was followed by The Alf Moat singles event due to be played on 10th June which sadly had to be postponed due to very wet weather. The new date for this event will now be 14th August.  Next came the first GC handicap event on 14th June.  The team led by Steve were off to a good start with a win against Dulwich and then another success winning against Tunbridge Wells. On 26th June we played an R Level home match against Reigate Priory.  Although we were defeated the competition was very enjoyable with the opposing team appreciating our new lawns, the picturesque setting and good hospitality.  As part of our tradition over the last 21 years it was Canterbury‚Äôs turn to visit Herbert Park Croquet Club in Dublin, this year playing mainly Golf Croquet.  The trip was organised by Roger and the warm hospitality given to us made this a memorable experience for our team, Barry, Lois, Henry, Judy, Frank and Roger.  We enjoyed playing friendly croquet matches with them and although our overall score was higher than theirs it really had little significance.  We look forward to the Dublin team visiting Canterbury next year.

On 29th and 30th June our team, Tobi, Henry, Heather and myself played in the Southern Challenge Division 1 with 12 teams taking part.  Having been promoted last year from Division 2, which we won, this was quite a challenge and we were thankful that Tobi agreed to be part of our team.  We were quite pleased with our result ranking 9th out of the 12 teams taking part.  Steve led the team in the Southern Challenge Division 2 on 6th/7thJuly.  Steve, John, Dave and came 8th out of the 12.  On July 2nd we had an internal handicap knockout competition with Christopher on great form beating Jeremy 7-3, 7-5. We still have 3 R level matches, mixed doubles and the Kent Cup to play.      Judy