For the 2022 season we would like to offer members as many opportunities as possible to develop playing skills and, if they wish, take part in both internal and external competitions, whilst still enjoying our social games during club sessions.


Playing friendly games with a wide variety of partners and opponents is always a good way of improving skills and everyone is encouraged to ask advice from other players. The drawing of straws at club sessions is our way of ensuring as wider mix as possible. We are also keen to establish some more formal coaching and will be seeking the views of all club members to determine the best format for this.

Club Sessions

We will continue with our Monday morning level play singles session together with Tuesday and Friday PM doubles (handicap) sessions.

Monday – These level play singles sessions are an opportunity for members to experience using the handicap score card and to progress to their natural level within the handicap system. Games will be limited to 45 minutes so that everyone can change to a new opponent.

Tuesday & Friday – Where numbers permit these will be doubles games and the handicap system can be used to make a close game and give people experience of using the doubles handicap system. Games will be limited to 45 minutes so that everyone can change to new opponents and a new partner.

Drawing Partners/Opponents – It is suggested that we continue with a ‘draw of straws’ for initial partners and that for subsequent games either a simple swap of winners play winners, losers play losers or a redraw of straws is used (on the off chance that the same pairs are drawn there should be a redraw ).

South East Croquet Federation League Games

We are proposing to enter two leagues this year so that more members can enjoy playing against other clubs. Four players will play in each match and these will be drawn from those club members who have registered an interest in playing.

Handicap League (SECF GH East)

Restricted League (SECF GR )

Other Competitions

We will again be entering a team for the Southern Challenge. This is a full-on weekend of matches at the Southwick where there are 11 lawns. It is always an enjoyable weekend with a good friendly atmosphere so please let me know if you are interested in playing.

The Kent Cup competition is an opportunity to play against some of the top players in other clubs within the county and compete for the prestigious Cup which is currently held by Dave

We will be holding a Singles Tournament this year (Alf Moat Trophy) and depending on numbers entering may make it a two day event. There will also be the usual mixed Doubles Tournament competition for the Frank Hughes Trophy and a High Handicap Competition for the Debbie Buckman Trophy.

In addition to the above we are looking forward to taking part in friendly matches with local teams such as Ramsgate and Chartham Hatch and we hope to be able to welcome new members with our taster sessions.

Stephen Barber

Golf Croquet Captain