Summer 2020 Golf Croquet Tournaments

Mixed Doubles

TOURNAMENT croquet returned to Polo Farm, Canterbury, in style last week (Jul 29) with a nail-biting finish to the Canterbury Club’s golf croquet mixed doubles finals.

Club chairman Henry Bryant and Aitch (Henry) Williams won the first of their best-of-three final games against Dave Buckman and Jim Godden 7-5 but soon found themselves 1-5 down in the second game.

They fought back doggedly to level the scores at 6-6 and went to win the golden hoop to take the Frank Hughes Cup.

In the first round Barry Sales and Heather Bryant won their opening game against Buckman and Godden 7-1 but narrowly lost the next two games.

Henry Bryant and Williams beat Stephen Barber and Hugh Pearson 7-2,7-6.

Jeremy St John and Lois Sales defeated John Millen and Sylvia Bowsher 6-5 (at time) 7-4.

In the semi-finals Henry Bryant and Williams earned a bye on points difference.

Buckman and Godden beat St John and Lois Sales 7-6, 7-5.

Tournament organiser and referee, Judy Sturrock, who presented the cup, said it was good to see competitive croquet being played again.

Blob: Interest in croquet nationally has increased dramatically since the Covid outbreak as being one of the sports more able to cope with social distancing and hygiene rules.

Canterbury’s roll-up association and golf croquet sessions have re-started and its golf croquet singles tournament is scheduled for Saturday (August 8)

Blob: Want to try your hand at croquet? Call club secretary Roger Loram on 01227 451329.


PRACTICE makes perfect they say and this adage must certainly apply to Henry Williams.

While other Canterbury Croquet Club players enjoy a cuppa between games at club sessions Williams practises hoop shots.

Last week, at Polo Farm, he defeated one of the two top-seeded players in the semi-finals of the club’s annual internal level play singles tournament. Then he beat the other top-seeded player, Dave Buckman, in the final.

Buckman, who has been mentoring Williams, said: “His win was no fluke. He has beaten me before lately.”

Tournament organiser and referee Judy Sturrock said there was now little doubt as to who would win the club’s cup for the most improved player of the season.

Results, round one, Jeremy St John 7 Jim Godden 2, Henry Bryant 6 Lois Sales 5 (time), Barry Sales 7 Henry Williams 3, Stephen Barber 5 Eve Pearson 4, Dave Buckman 7 Hugh Pearson 3.

Round two, St John 7 Hugh Pearson 4, Barry Sales 7 Bryant 3, Williams 7 Lois Sales 4, Eve Pearson 6 Godden 5, Buckman 7 Barber 4.

Round three, Barry Sales 7 St John 3, Godden 7 Lois Sales 5, Williams 7 Bryant 1, Barber 7 Hugh Pearson 4, Buckman 7 Eve Pearson 4.

Semi-finals, top four hoop scorers, 19-point games, Buckman 10 St John 4, Williams 10 Barry Sales 5.

Final, best of three games, Williams beat Buckman 7-4, 7-5.