Lawn Booking System

Croquet Lawn Booking Information

In addition to the sheduled club sessions members are able to book lawns using the Croquet Lawn Booking System.

If members are unable to access this system then bookings can be made by contacting one of the committee members who will be able to make a booking on their behalf.

On entering the Booking System you will be prompted for a username and password. The password for everyone is initially set to (please contact Steve Barber for this information). This can subsequently be changed. The usernames are generally your first and surnames as one word in lowercase.

Once logged in you should be taken to a calendar centred on the current date, if not press the ‘Go to’ button. The calendar shows the three lawns and currently only primary (p) is available, no secondary games.

To book a time slot click on one that is clear and a form will pop up where you can enter the following details as a minimum:

Brief Description: – eg Henry v Roger

Start :                           select start time

End:                              select end time or duration

Lawns:                          check correct lawn is selected

Type:                             select Golf or Association

Confirmation Status: should show confirmed.

Click the save button.

Note: Thursday pm and Saturday am are reserved for Association play.

    The booking duration should be limited to a max of 2 hours.

If a match cannot be played or you need to cancel a booking then this should be done by the person who made the booking by clicking on the booking then selecting ‘Delete Entry’

Any issues with the booking system or this document please contact:

Stephen Barber 07923 620938                      Issue 20/05/21